Best 10 Electric Skate Board 2021 

Here’s a refreshing look at the best electric skateboards that are actually worth spending your hard-earned money on.

Putting together a best electric skateboards list is extremely difficult, if not impossible because every rider has their own unique needs from an eboard.

What this list aims to do is give a broad overview of the best electric skateboards that would meet the majority of eskaters’ needs.

I’ve kept this list of eboards to only products that are under $2,000. The reason I’ve done this is because electric skateboards that are over this price point are phenomenal pieces of machinery. They’re always going to be great eboards.

BUT, most people, especially when starting out, aren’t going to want to spend upwards of 2K on an electric skateboard unless they’re absolutely sure that they really love it and are invested in the sport/hobby.

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